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business produce division.Business Produce Division.

By connecting people, goods, businesses, and places, we will support people to become more prosperous. In addition, we will actively take on new projects while we adapt to market needs

Advertising Section

We will use various effective methods such as events and promotional media to spread the real value of companies and their products. We will work with various forms media such as YouTube, and carry out efficient marketing strategies utilizing other social networks.

New Business Section

We will develop mechanisms and projects that are not bound by preconceived notions as different values formulate as the times change. We will be actively involved in new projects that captures the needs of society, form partnerships with relavant companies, and serve as a window for business networking.

Apparel division.Apparel Division.

Our original brand "Kanoa Style"

Our apparel brand "Kanoa Style", which is the same name as our company name, is a brand produced by a team centered around young people. In the spirit of "Kanoa" which means "Freedom" in Hawaiian, the members involved will develop a new brand from Fukuoka by strategizing, planning, and disseminating unconventional ideas. As the brand grows, we will share the "Wonderful Coincidence" that will originate from combining the ideas of members who sympathize with the concept of Kanoa Style and share the excitement to the entire country and beyond

Sports division.Sports Division.

Athletes Management And PR Activities

Supporting athletes to increase their value beyond sports. We handle contracts with sponsor companies, negotiate various media and event appearances, provide sportswear to teams, and support PR strategies. We will also be involved in the E-Sports field, where the competitive population is expanding exponentially.