Inspiration comes from freedom.

Leaving people with a "Deep Impression" and delivering a sense of "Warmth"

Corporate Philosophy企業理念


Serendipity: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. Such "luck" comes to those who continue to take action.
Kanoa Style actively takes on challenging new projects revolving around apparel and sports. We leave our clients with a "Deep Impression" and a sense of "Warmth" by connecting people with each other. Our unconventional ideas allows us to keep out of the mould and adapt to the ever evolving times - turning beautiful coincidences into inevibilaties.

strengthKanoa style の強み


Continuing to take on challenges across different fields with a pioneering spirit. Our ability to action freely is our biggest weapon.


Our knowledge and connections created since before the company was founded will allow us to continue to be involved in the sports field, mainly in soccer and baseball. Collabrating with others in new fields will create more synergy in our growth.


Collaborating with a wide range of artists, from young designers to overseas designers, to use apparel as a place of expression for disseminating new and rich ideas. Creating products with the theme of connecting with people.


Our team of creators will consult with you on building your website or e-commerce site, as well as business cards, leaflets, and other design ideas.


Kanoa Style Co., Ltd. is a team based in Fukuoka that continues to take on projects surrounding apparel and sports. Our goal is to leave a "Deep Impression" and deliver "Warmth" to our customers through various kinds of communications with the global society.